MRO Sales Inc. is a manufacturer representative company involved in oilfield, mining, and government sales.  We are an Alaskan Corporation incorporated in March of 1990.  Our projects range from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Polyarany, Russia in arctic environment and from Fairbanks to the Cook Inlet in sub-arctic environments. 

     Our satisfied Customers offer unique challenges that require insight, cunning and focus on individual needs to accomplish the requirements entrusted to us.  Our diverse background in projects, logistics, procurement, and service provides for a seamless approach in total customer satisfaction.  We are small enough to provide the personal service that is in demand to satisfy our clients in the arena of their personal and corporate desires.

     MRO Sales, Inc. employs a staff of seven at the present time.  In November of 1999 Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc. purchased MRO Sales and we have a combined staff of fourteen.  While the companies represent two profit centers we have significant synergy from the merger. 

     Drilling contractors asked if we would be able to provide a purchasing program to include electronic invoicing.  We have accomplished their objectives and have had the system in place since July 2001.  This seamless approach has the full support of the Tool Pushers, accounting personnel and management.  Other benefits included a database of purchases and history for all material provided to support all of their operations in Alaska.

    Drilling contractors needed a company to provide full service procurement for 2 separate drilling rigs that were being brought back into service, SDC and CIDS rigs respectively. Along with providing materials and meeting tight time constraints, MRO was also able to meet drilling contractors, electronic tracking and billing needs to help them successfully complete both rigs.

     Drilling contractors have been coming to MRO to assist with there drilling and production needs for numerous years. Since 2001 MRO has provided them with Dehydration and separator units, generators, launchers, well shelters and over 575,000 feet of casing and drill pipe since 2003.

     This represents only a few of our satisfied customers and our successes.  The real successes we have had is the ability to interface with our customers. 

      We work with all the drilling contractors in the State. MRO Sales, Inc. has a purchasing agreement with  Drilling contractors utilizing the system designed by us specifically for their needs.

     Our pipeline customers include drilling contrators, Kenai basin, and the North Slope.

     The above information will give you a thumbnail sketch of MRO Sales and a few examples of projects we have been involved in for our clients.  We represent Value Enhanced Products from companies who are customer motivated and sales driven. We strive for same day processing and excelling for our customers and the manufacturers we represent.