Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors and coatings for industrial applications including storage compounds, additives, emitters and wraps. Bullfrog and Ram Products.
Expansion Seal Technologies, a unit of the EST Group, Inc., is a global manufacturer and designer of pipe and tube pressure testing, sleeving and plugging equipment.
Access oil tools & Baker SPD Products Complete line of pump parts, brake blocks, wash pipe, packing, tool joint compound, handling tools, solids control equipment and a large line of specialty products.
Chemical resistant coatings, concrete repair and conditioning products, metal repair products, wear resistant coatings, rubberized coatings, elastomeric products, errosion resistant coatings and slip resistant coatings.
JONELL is a leader in instrustrail filter manufactur-ing .Products include air filter elements, gas coalescing, liquid filter elements, two phase liquid separation and filter vessel internals
Worlds largest Manufacturers of Ball Valves 1/4" - 36" Trunoin & Floating design, check valves 1" - 72" full body & wafer style, closures 2 " - 42", strainers 3/8" -16", Needle Valves, Butterfly Valves and Gate Valves.
High Pressure Equipment Company, a premium supplier of high pressure valves, fittings & tubing
Leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of tool and equipment solutions for professional tool users
Industrial line of tools and storage cabinets. Made in the USA
GEOFORCE, Leader in GPS , powered and non powered equipment tracking. Lone worker GPS. RFID
 Threaded and coned high pressure tubing, valves and fittings rated up to 100,000 PSI.
 Strad Rig Matting:
Superior welding process utilizing 6"steel I-Beams
    Pine inserts measuring 6"x6" installed horizontally
    Able to produce 25,000 (8' x 40') mats a year
Leaders in waste oil heater technology, patented design. EPA approved. World's largest manufacturer of commercial & industrial unit space heating products
KENCO Engineering carries a complete line of precision gauging equipment and measurement equip-ment .Electronic and mechanical level management, sight flow indication , and chemical process equipment .